Indexable Tooling from Johan van de Weerd
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Indexable Tooling Services

JVDW has a highly qualified engineering and tool making staff that can offer:

  • Decades of tool making experience and innovation
  • Concept developement and Engineering assistance
  • Cycle time reduction
  • Product development and troubleshooting
  • Complete repair of indexable tools and tool holders
  • All aspects of tool production are done "In-House"
  • In house heat treating
  • In house black oxide coating

We Offer Rebuild and Repair Services
Repairing or rebuilding any and all of your standard and special indexable tooling can sharply reduce your replacement costs. That is why we offer full servicing of indexable tools to help our customers get their tools back to their original specifications.

Not Just Special Tooling

Johan van de Weerd also provides common hardware such as shim seats, lock pins, and clamps. JVDW offers exceptional quality with on time delivery at a competitive price.

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Foremost in Indexable Tool Quality

Johan van de Weerd has built its reputation of excellence by constantly enforcing and improving our ISO 9001:2008 quality control system.

To ensure quality, your order is carefully monitored from the design phase through the shipment phase. JVDW's quality team will exceed your expectations by providing quality products on time with zero defects through continual improvement of facilities, equipment and processes.

When emergencies occur, you can count on us to get you up and running again. At JVDW all of our employees are involved in the indexable tool design and building process. Put our team to work for you.

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